Derick Lewis Neikirk was born in Kettering, Ohio on September 5, 1974 to Connie Neikirk.  He excelled at sports such as baseball and football at an early age.  In 1987, his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where his athletic career continued.  Derick was later drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 1996 and he continued his baseball career until 2000.  He then transitioned into the world of professional wrestling.  He signed with the WWE in 2004 through 2008. 

Derick found a new passion in acting and was cast in the movie Middlemen (2009) with James Caan and Luke Wilson. He officially retired from professional wrestling in 2011 to pursue an acting career full-time.  He has since been cast in several co-starring roles and he is looking to be the next big action star in Hollywood.

Derick Neikirk




Height:        6'4''

Weight:       250 lbs

Hair:            Buzz

Eyes:            Blue

Age:             28-40